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Le jeux sont faits, now I can tell. I can formalize my departure from the “valve” project. It took me a while because it is never easy to do the math and deciding to leave a project like this is not exactly like taking the door and go, especially since “valve” is closely linked with Officine Creative Marchigiane. with which I will continue to collaborate, albeit in a different way.

I took my time, also amplified by the lockdown, to put my thoughts in order and if possible not always act on pure instinct. Understanding why at some point one feels the need to draw a border is not at all obvious and often one is led to delegate responsibilities to the other party; understanding instead is essential to try to make less mistakes next time. Giving yourself a direction and playing with your cards face up is a mood I don’t want to give up.

This question is why I write this piece. In recent years it has been addressed to me a lot of times, but in recent months it has become a jab because the answer I gave no longer corresponded to the reality of the facts. No, I’m no longer a “valve”, but I was.

Creator, co-founder, co-author and designer, never a sole owner. Valve was for me, as has already happened with other brands (Hotmilk, Open24hours, The Garage Creative Studio), the channel with which I chose to communicate. I’ve always preferred to play it like this, building games rooms with others in which to give communicable form to my ideas. These brands have been projects, a bit like a book, but at a certain point it ends and you feel you have to start another one. Or like the snake, which at a certain point must change its skin, because it is in its nature, but let’s be clear: changing its skin does not mean not being snake anymore, eh!

Valve was an idea, a non-place to experiment with hypotheses related to the story of communication and the importance of the culture of curiosity and creativity, using the world of t-shirts as a window. A laboratory in which to deal with a team prepared to become passionate and to enter the fray, in a path that is always inextricably linked to graphic design for communication.

The project was born with important prerogatives that today, in my view, there are more or less have changed as well as the working group with which it was born, after all. Nature has changed and that’s enough for me. After 3 years it is still not possible to explain exactly what it is and this is perhaps its strength but at the same time also its fragility.

This paper is not intended to give a judgment, “valve” will go on anyway, with a cool & fashion variation that was not initially in the core of the project, which I hope will still be a positive experience, but which no longer corresponds to me.

Of “valve” I claim the intellectual and visual co-property as well as that of the contents of the original project. I will take up its mission, at least the part of the story of communication and the importance of curiosity, and I will cultivate it together with my contents and my ideas, which have already found new places to rise.

With Rookie Farm Inc we will give substance to a couple of very interesting designs, such as the Sberla ™ ️, for example, an e-bike with a scary vintage shot. With my name (finally) I will sign not only the “graphic” works but also a line of super-limited edition t-shirts, posters and sketchbooks, while a couple of important collaborations are cooking in the oven.

Yes, it’s true. When one manages to trigger one’s creative process, he is better off afterwards.

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