Top ten Romance adult dating website regarding Extramarital Operations

I also reported two users to the site but no response. Better than run away?

Hi Andrea, I’m sorry if I take advantage of your experience to tell you that maybe even the tindrdating site is fake, or am I wrong ??? I thank you and eventually I spent only 10 €. One last question but how can you check the profile picture on google if the photo cannot be downloaded? Thanks again excuse me

Hello everybody. thanks for the comments. I wanted to know how to cancel my account.

Also I ask, are there any additional services or creation of particular obligations of future payments / subscriptions, buying coins? Or does it all end there?

I am not aware of any such obligations as long as I cancel any subscriptions. For the cancellation, ask them to do so due to the GDPR, but if they do not run smoothly there is not much you can do apart from reporting them.

Hi Alessandro, after reading this article, I leave it to you to guess: how is it in your opinion?

It is true dear men, 95 percent of these sites are all scam sites, it is not true that you do not have the courage to report, I am single and I have been scammed on these sites, I give you a name PASSIONMATURE I signed up for a trial period of 3 days and I found a monthly subscription of € 25.00 without talking about how many sites I found myself registered without having registered I made a complaint to the Carabinieri because money was deducted every week on my card that I did not I knew …… .I didn’t know why I hadn’t signed up to any site.

hi too I paid 30 euros on flirt me anyway but I spend my time for a month I paid with prepaid and I dosdetto the automatic renewal. I would like to know if flirtme is also a scam and if you have an email to communicate with them why I can’t find it

Dear Artur we are on these sites to see if you know some girls, but unfortunately they are all a scam these sites are better to meet in some club or be introduced to the girls, here behind these chats are just scams.

Hello to all fellow imbeciles, I wanted to update you on the outcome of my misadventure described in another comment so I will repeat some of the details already mentioned. The site where I fell is IMMATURE WOMEN, part of the archipelago of the sites of the Swiss company Dating Factory. My experience lasted a week as already after a couple of days I realized that it was a site with non-existent members and at the end of the week I decided to immediately cut the bridges. During this week the Immature Women site even offered me a free month on their freshly launched site called ADULT CHECK I think, which left me amazed … if you have an online dating site you have everything there. ‘was interested in concentrating all possible users in there instead of dispersing them in multiple portals. So avoid this site too. Returning to us I went to read the general conditions of contract because I had to be sure how to close the subscription as soon as possible and I found written that there was the possibility to close the registration on the site (they call it “Termination” of the contract but it is a bad translation from English) without any reason (a kind of right to reconsider or satisfied or reimbursed to understand us) MAKING REQUEST WITHIN 14 DAYS OF REGISTRATION. I immediately sent an email to ask for confirmation of what I had read and if a simple email would have been enough, the customer support (“Veronica”) replied yes, regretting my experience and asking me how they could improve the service.

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