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Taken from the second Letter of John the motto of the 10 transient deacons that the Archbishop orders in the Cathedral at 9 (live TV and web), who will become priests in June next year. 7 PIME seminarians will also be ordained

Sister Luisella Musazzi, moderator of the diocesan council, and the journalist Gianni Borsa speakers at the first appointment of the year in the church of Santo Stefano in Milan. Online registration for presence, direct web

Live social seminar promoted by Caritas Ambrosiana in collaboration with the European Parliament office in the city

“Transfigured by amazement” is the title of the text by Monsignor Delpini for the feast of the beginning of the oratorian year, which commemorates the upcoming beatification of Carlo Acutis and re-launches the importance of drafting the educational project

Eucharistic celebration presided over by the Archbishop at 5.30 pm for teachers and managers (online registration, live TV and web). Attached is the list of conventions signed up to now for the transfer of parish spaces to schools

Monsignor Delpini talks about the message of the Lombard Bishops to the faithful, with a view to “learning to think” and true wisdom, and recalls Don Roberto Malgesini: “He made his life a gift”

In the line already drawn by the CEI, two million from 8×1000 to support those who have children enrolled in Catholic or Christian-inspired institutions. Attached is the announcement, applications to be submitted by 9 October

611 other people asked for help with rent and bills. Gualzetti: «They are mostly immigrants, without work since the lockdown, and they are added to the chronic homeless. We need a metropolitan plan for the winter “

The definition is given by Luciano Gualzetti, director of Caritas Ambrosiana, who warns: “Many rescues risked being submerged, but the social crisis has not been overcome”. Seven million euros raised, the identikit of the benefits …

The announcement of the Archbishop after the Eucharistic celebration in the Cathedral. The new presidency that will lead the association over the next three years has also been elected

He is 23 years old, he studies law and was diocesan president from 2017 to 2019. He is the third Ambrosian to hold this position in the last 10 years

The national SdC Days Onlife are open to all, thanks to streaming, with debates, workshops and previews. Operators of the Ambrosian rooms protagonists of meetings and round tables

A solidarity aid for old and new poor, those who have lost everything due to Covid. A strong and concrete response to Pope Francis’s appeal

Rural development is the theme chosen by the UN for World Tourism Day. An opportunity to attend proximity destinations, expressing concrete closeness to the workers in the sector

Women and men of different religious confessions will take turns in the declamation on the theme “The dove came with an olive branch”, in presence or in live streaming

“The gesture of Cain” is the theme of the debate organized by the CP Madonna del Rosario, at 9 pm in Piazza San Giovanni Battista (in case of bad weather at the Crystal Theater)

The Milanese Institute turns 25, due to Covid this year it has been supporting streaming with face-to-face lessons, but keeping its training and research purposes unchanged. The director Monsignor Claudio Stercal talks about it

An institutional cycle and two “specialized” two-year courses. On the website the school fees. Registration by 25 September

Three webinars (30 September, 21 and 28 October) on caring for the common home, the new economy and social justice. Live social from 6.30 pm

The Vatican Secretary of State among the speakers at the conference organized by the Milan Center, Theological Seminary and Theological Study of Monza, in collaboration with Ucsi Lombardia. Online registration to participate in person, direct streamin …

The Prayer Vigil for young people presided over in the Cathedral by the Archbishop at 9 pm (live on TV and web) marks the start of the missionary animation process. The course will be unpublished: how to participate

In Seveso, a two-day training course aimed at priests and religious from the 11th to the 15th year of ordination.

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