Top ten Event adult dating website for Extramarital Contact

The few who had replied to me were pretty silly or fake girls, who had no interest in me, except to give me an answer to a message that maybe I had come particularly well.

I have never met anyone live, and there has never been an opportunity to arrange an appointment.

So, taken by dissatisfaction and also by frustration, I decided to leave these sites: I have not tried them since and I have no intention of relapsing, even though I am perfectly aware that (on paper) they could be my only one. opportunity to interact with women or to meet some of them. After all, even one would be enough, if it were the “right” one. But the truth is that it is utopia to think of finding them in there.

These sites are full of fake profiles, girls who are only there to look for likes, and girls who are only looking for the brainless super cool. If unfortunately you are just “normal”, not necessarily ugly, for these girls you are worth nothing and do not even deserve to be considered.

There is no point in wasting one’s time and inner well-being for this kind of bitch who only gives it to others.

These sites know very well that women behave this way and therefore go to great lengths to pluck as many chickens as possible. At least I have never wasted a single penny for these trifles.

I no longer care if I will be destined to be alone for my entire existence, the only way out was through these applications that could break down my limits and distances. But unfortunately they don’t work.

Hello, it is incredible how your survey made in 2008 still receives comments to date, I congratulate you on your studies and your exhibitions, well, I do not do text I am na cessa, I have learned to make me a tour of fuck friends with strong sense of horror, I was lucky they are polite both when we have fun and also when you can’t finish for various reasons … if you can’t sleep or you have an interesting flag, call me … good job again

hello Selly, thanks for the comment. I think in many years you are the first woman to write! If the article is still read and commented on, I think that the situation has simply not changed 🙂

I recently joined badoo because I heard about it and I wanted to try it, I activated superpowers and more for a fee, but nothing… no girl answers. For me badoo is crazy shit!

Muoiooooo you are a myth! in my opinion cucchi more here my dear! By exposing your scientific research with a lot of irony.

Hi Marina, really if I had to graph the appointments born with this site I would have serious problems, as we are at absolute zero. But I’m glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

When I do the research, do I only get online users or all the members with the characteristics set by me?

your article is interesting but in your analysis you have forgotten an important factor that in my opinion questions at least in part the results of the same and that is the country of origin where you chat. Living and working in Germany and the Netherlands as well as in Italy, I was able to verify that for 10 Italian members there are 50 German and at least 200 Dutch. In Holland especially Tinder is a phenomenon of costume, there is really everyone. But what matters abroad is that these sites are really used for what they should serve and that is to meet; what will happen next, a coffee, a night of sex, the love of your life, will be seen later.

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