Top Affair adult dating website pertaining to Extramarital Contact

This male already tried by a deep loneliness and depression is also raped and robbed by violent and criminal women criminals who thanks to the criminal and non-equal Italian feminist laws and thanks to the criminal and misandric morality

Then the male stupidity in part due to feminist criminal teachings that since childhood requires a male to never report the criminal sissy who uses violence on him does the rest.

Be men be men you must always make a complaint against the woman who uses violence on you or against all criminal women.

Beware of the dating site Rimorchiando or Scopamicizia, there is nothing more fake around. a real scam. Before subscribing, messages come in flurries of girls and women who want to have sex, but after paying, everything ends.

Or rather, some answers rarely arrive after thousands of messages sent, where they reply with a strange question but studied in pubtino to put you off the road. Guys, stay away from these scammers.

FOR THE SITE TOWING IT’S A SCAM messages arrive with provocative women and with spicy messages one a day at a scheduled hourly distance and they procrastinate to linger very similar phrases, no direct contacts, as soon as you ask for it they disappear and someone else calls you always with programmed messages …. in short, there is only the name of Rimorchiando

On the internet there are only fake news or there are only scams of various kinds and all are paid: 1) the scam of the thousands of non-existent free jobs in Italy (they are all lies and lies) 2) then there is the Web scam that there is no manpower in Italy (another lie) 3) then there are the scams of witches or gurus on the Web 4) then the scam of fake low-priced products often non-existent that can be purchased via the internet 5) the scam of websites web meetings 6) the scams via the web of financial speculations called bubbles which are non-existent banking products and which have ruined the world sending it into a black crisis and today even bitcoin non-existent internet money and new speculative bubble are fashionable. Even bitcoins will in some time give rise to a new bubble with an attached world economic crisis!

7) Also on the internet there are the old and classic San Antonio chains, these are also scams (however, they are do-it-yourself financial bubbles).

8) Also on the internet there are various other scams and there are so many that you cannot list them all!

From 2001 to today 2018 I signed up out of curiosity in 400 dating sites here is the end of my investigations and it turns out that I had: 1) NEVER no sissy came forward to meet me! 2) NO girl NEVER responded to my attempts at contact!

3) some stupid and unbalanced uncivilized asocial sissy contacted me only to try to make fun of me and to offend me or use psychological violence. 4) only the crooks and robbers criminal sissies contacted me only to try to cheat me.

Out of 400 attempts, all have failed, which means it’s just a scam!

Personally, I would recommend to all Italian males who are routinely scammed and robbed of money from various internet dating sites for friendship or sex and in some cases even blackmailed to make a regular report, perhaps through the Guardia di Finanza.

Being Italy a mafia-fascist-sexist misandric feminist clientelist country being always a male victim of these scams – blackmails the Italian sexist feminist law of the Italian courts will never do justice since the victim is male!

However, at the fiscal level, the complaint will damage the scammers of these dating sites since “Italy has been bankrupt for almost half a century, the Italian tax authorities don’t give a damn that” Italy has been a feminist sexist country for almost 50 years now, therefore internet sites will have to pay a lot of money!

If you sign up on a dating website and from the start no sissy even lets themselves be known this is a scam!

If you even pay money to make this useless registration this is a good and good scam!

I was forgetting that some deranged males, idiots and wankers, after they have been scammed big time, enjoy promoting these scam sites and writing fake news about non-existent adventures they have had on the internet!

The deranged and wanker male who gets screwed makes up for having dated 10 girls he met on these sites and having had sex in 90% of cases!

Dear lonely and free males, know that all the internet sites of dating-friendship or sex that there are in Italy are only more or less legalized scams & blackmail that always hit the male sex!

Do not listen to some asshole male or criminal (interested) who tells you the usual stupid tale of having known and even had sex over the internet with who knows how many girls or women!

If you want to meet sissies and spend a few hours in pleasant company or you want to fuck the only thing you can do is to go to hell if you want to have sex or to come forward and try to meet some girl or woman on the street at the bar or anywhere else!

There are no other ways out for an Italian male (forced loner) who has neither friends nor acquaintances!

Almost all the sissies who publish something on the internet or who use the internet to socialize or are psychopathic unbalanced asocial and exhibitionist maniacs or are criminal scammers, thieves and maybe even murderers !!

All dating sites are paid and they are all a real almost legalized scam since only the male sex is scammed!

In other words, since we males are scammed, this mafia, fascist, sexist, feminist country where misandry is widespread allows criminal sissies to almost always get away with it criminally and legally.

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