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In fact, today even women have performance anxiety, different from that of men, but porn shows us a virility and femininity that are not the norm “. So “being able to understand what another woman is doing is one of the main reasons that lead women to watch porn videos. As if you were looking for advice or trying to understand what the other sex likes “.

The quarantine forces people to stay at home in almost all countries of the world, making it virtually impossible (if not illegal) to meet in some states, including Italy. Among the many who pay the price for these exceptional measures to deal with the emergency, there are online dating sites and apps. If they can not help to make an appointment, now these sites allow you to meet in the large virtual square. Since dating someone in the time of the coronavirus has become impossible, the most famous dating site, Tinder, has decided to help those at home to know the possible soulmate for now only online, starting from the idea that having someone with whom talking can make a real difference. And so, the more physical isolation measures increase, the more new conversations on Tinder grow and lengthen. And they become international. From 26 March to 30 April, in fact, thanks to a system update, everyone was given the opportunity to decide in which city to go out for free, even if for now only virtually, to meet new people who also live very far from their own area.

“Tinder users have understood that the situation is dangerous and has changed and therefore they adapt – Professor Chiara Simonelli explained to AGI – the conversation increases, however, make us understand how users try to know each other better” despite “the hit and run sexuality “.

Today, even on the social pages of the app you can read invitations to stay at home with articles explaining how to continue the relationships undertaken on Tinder even in the absence of live meetings. There is even a manual on ’29 things to write that do not concern the coronavirus’. In fact, conversations have increased this week compared to previous ones. According to Tinder data, in Italy – as well as in Spain – there has been an increase of up to 25% in daily conversations compared to last week and, across Europe, on average the duration of the conversation has increased from 10 to 30%.

“Users try to figure out who they have met, who they will have to meet. To better understand oneself and the context – explained Professor Simonelli – I imagine the conversations are of deepening, but also on sexuality. So it is a way to better understand how to focus for the future on the increasingly effective use of this type of medium, which does not necessarily exclude a more in-depth relationship “.

On Tinder, “sex remains the reason for meeting, of course, but the humanity of users can emerge – added the expert – we should know what users of other human beings discover. Because the hit and run relationship is based only on the outward appearance while it changes, even if in a reduced percentage, I would venture 5%, it could change the way you use the app itself and try to establish a relationship “.

Also because “if one has found himself well and in addition to sex there are also other affinities, the chances of meeting again increase. Now that it is neither advisable nor possible to have a hit and run relationship – concluded Professor Simonelli – we therefore try to broaden the field of knowledge that I believe starts, compared to the motivation of Tinder, to deepen first of all sex, and then however to discover the tastes of the other, on food, cinema or music ”.

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