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Grouping is useful if the sources reference different parts of the preceding text or if all the sources reference the same text. There are several advantages:

There are different ways to format multiple quotes in a single call, as illustrated below (generally using bullets, newlines, or condensing into a single paragraph). You should try to use a single style within an article to give consistency.

Preference should always be given to the note calling system, but this section is included as additional documentation. You can combine Harvard style with note callouts by using the {{harvnp}} template that does not require or {{Harvard Quote}} with such code.

The Harvard style (also known as the author-date system) is a citation system developed by Harvard University and widely used today in the physical, natural, and social sciences. In the Harvard style, an abbreviated form of the reference (made up of the authors’ last name and the year of publication) is inserted into the text immediately after the cited material; the full reference is in a separate section, as detailed above.

The reference must contain enough information to locate the consulted work in the bibliography section; the page number in the original work is optional, although recommended. For example, to quote the book by Marx mentioned above, we could do the following:

According to Marxist theory, the primitive accumulation of capital appears in the commerce that links communities whose form of production is not yet capitalist; It has its origin in the buying and selling activity that seeks to obtain a profit, based on the different production conditions of different communities. Mercantile capital is the first of several forms (such as bank or rentier capital) that precede the development of industry (Marx, 1867, p. 290).

Using the {{Harvard Citation}} template in combination with the use of {{book citation}} in the bibliography, an internal link is created from the citation to the book by the same author and year included in it. Using {{harvnp}} instead of {{Harvard Citation}} creates a footnote and the reference is displayed in the respective section. This is the recommended way when you use the same source repeatedly and you want to reference multiple statements or cite different pages.

A generic reference is a note call to a trusted source that serves to reference content, but is not linked to a specific part of the body of that source (such as page number / s) through a call from note in the body of the article.

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