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An Open Letter To Guys Who Have Given Up On Relationships

It’s a setup that would have been less accepted in the past but represents today’s less rigid norms for older age. Without kids to take care of or jobs to juggle, older adults are forming the kinds of relationships that work for them. After being repeatedly played by men and never finding someone who I could have a proper relationship with I have also decided to give up on dating guys. It helps that I don’t have a strong desire to be a mother. Fortunately, my friends don’t put pressure on me to or quiz me about finding a man. wish we all come together and meet. I will continue to focus on my friends and travelling and I want to start hosting female guests from overseas in my home.

I read someplace where most people will lie once every 3-5 minutes… how are you supposed to actually get to know someone if that’s how they communicate? TV and movies have just about ruined dating, everybody thinks there is some “magic,” spark that has to happen when you meet that means you are “destined,” to be together. There is no one right person you are meant to be with. There are plenty more fish in the sea, but unless you have abundant time and energy to swim, these fish will swim past you. Over 35 the game is pretty much over for women to be considered a catch.

Damaged or flawed in fundamental, irreversible ways. Your man may never admit it outright – but he wishes he were someone else. Making time to date can be hard in your 30s, and you’ll probably have to put certain things on the back-burner to make it a priority. Conversely, you may have to put dating aside at times to reach other goals. “The only thing that matters is that one listens to the deepest truth of their heart and then prioritizes that truth with consistent action,” says Gray.

One person does not speak for the rest of the opposite sex. There are some women like me that respect themselves and do not give it up shortly after dating for a little while. Sleeping around can only guarantee that you will catch something that you can’t get rid of. The relationships I had been in weren’t the best for my self-esteem. I’ve learned from my relationships and don’t regret them.

It has NOTHING to do with skin color for me. In fact, for a person to think I should be with a black woman because we have that 1 thing in common is pretty shallow. She cheated on me with a guy who stood more firm against her bullshit.

Most people get indonctrinated by the media and financial institutions to do what they think is best. There is no A for effort in the real world either. I’m in my mid 30s – I have recently found my “alpha” side. I’m very talented, building a small business and taking care of my daughter in a joint custody. I also have my flaws that I need to work on every day.

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