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Finally, in this long overview, I would like to point out that as soon as the regulatory restrictions have been removed, from Tuesday 14 April the weed cutting work on the edges of the roads and sidewalks has started again in Vanzago and, in the coming days, the work will also resume of mowing green areas in order to prepare ourselves for the reopening phase, where we hope to be able to return to benefit from the many open spaces that enrich the quality of life of our country.

We are waiting to know which measures will be active in the Lombardy Region and in our area for the reopening which should take place in May: it is now almost certain that we will proceed in stages and the task of the Municipalities will be to accompany this phase of transition.

Finally, I conclude with the numbers relating to the contagion that for the Lombardy Region see the threshold of 70 thousand infections exceeded (the positive ones are 70,165, with +1073 and + 2%) and 12,940 deaths (+200, + 2%); the city of Milan reached 7,221 positives and in the remaining municipalities of the Province the value increased considerably, exceeding the value of 10,000 infected people. This growth seems to be linked to the greater number of tampons carried out which in the whole of Lombardy yesterday amounted to about 12 thousand, especially performed on the employees most exposed to the infection (health personnel), on some categories of people at home in sickness or in isolation. precautionary in view of their reintegration into the world of work and then on the guests of the RSA / RSD.

Also in our area we have witnessed this phenomenon of growth of infections: from the data of ATS, in fact, it is recorded that in the Rhodense we have reached 887 infections and in Vanzago in particular their number has risen to 51 people, as already predicted several weeks ago. .

In order to avoid unpleasant episodes of intolerance that occasionally jump to the news, we must first remember that each of us could be a healthy carrier of the virus and therefore that the prevention measures are valid for everyone, not only for those who are most at risk or who are in isolation. In particular, then, we must always continue to thank and praise the great work done by all doctors, health and social-health workers who work in hospitals, laboratories, RSA / RSD, care communities, etc … and that up to now they have made it possible to save thousands of people from the flu by COVID even at the risk of being infected: we will never stop thanking you!

In the same way, a thought of gratitude must be paid to the many who, with their work, have kept all the emergency services in place during this lock-down phase, including food and retail operators, small shopkeepers who have remained open, couriers, road hauliers and drivers of public transport vehicles, employees of companies that manage distribution networks and energy and data supplies, order perhaps, those active in the medical healthcare, etc … Thank you very much for all the work done and for not leaving us alone!

Finally, I would like to conclude with a thank you also for all the people and associations who wanted to accompany us in the Vanzago Courage initiative which is enjoying great success and interest! On this platform we will promote the initiatives for the Liberation Day scheduled for April 25th.

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